“I mean, how many people say ‘Oh! Look at that garage door!’?”- Mike Nesmith


On an episode of The Monkees, Mike said, in an after-episode interview, that it’s easy to dig something accepted as beautiful, like a flower. He wanted someone to dig a garage door. So I thought about it. In the twentieth century, our views on what’s beautiful are completely corrupted. We are surrounded by magazines, TV shows, celebrities, telling us what’s hot and what’s not. But that’s how it’s always been, hasn’t it? The only thing that’s changed since Mike said this to when I heard it, is what’s being printed in the magazines. Only the content has changed, not the idea that TV producers have some insight to what’s beautiful that you don’t have.

All these magazines screaming for your attention, dying to tell you what you can do to be beautiful. Just because Kim Kardashian  says something is beautiful, doesn’t mean it is. Just like if Johnny Depp says something’s not beautiful, doesn’t mean it isn’t. I think our minds have been intoxicated, brainwashed, to believe whatever these beautiful people say. Because we know that they’re beautiful,  they must know what’s beautiful, right?

WRONG! ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT! YOU HAVE A MIND, DON’T YOU? A BRAIN? SOME SHRED OF INTELLIGENCE? USE IT! THINK FOR YOURSELF! Think for yourself. Challenge this corrupt society where Kim Kardashian is your inspiration for beauty. Challenge what is accepted as beautiful. Do you think botox it beautiful? I don’t. There, I said it. Big whoop. I don’t.

So go out into the world, be who you want to be. Say what you mean, not what society wants to hear. And try to look beyond the surface, because I’ve found on my adventures to Mars, that nothing is ever as it seems. If you stick around a while, I’ll show you some things that you might think are ugly, but I think are actually very beautiful. A new kind of beautiful. A full scoop of beautiful flavored ice-cream, instead of just a scratch on the surface.

Here’s looking at you, kid. Thanks for speaking up Mike, we need more of the truth.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies


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