Broken Glass: A careless mistake or a well placed statement?


“I don’t like broken glass. It just looks like carelessness.”

Broken glass can be found in almost every city. But how did it get there? Was a drunk throwing their beer bottle down in frustration? Or throwing it up in blissful intoxication, not realizing, in their drunken state, that it would fall back to Earth in an array of shattering glass? When you look at broken glass on the street, what story do you see? A rock thrown, breaking a window, could have been a promise of true love or just an angry teenager. Regardless, I urge you to give this display of emotion a second look.


I often find that people rarely do things without a purpose. You don’t just throw a wine bottle to the pavement and say “Whoops. So, I guess that just happened…” So when I see broken glass on the street, I think of anger. But can there be beauty in anger? I’m not saying that the next time you get in a fight or throw a tantrum (come on, we all do it) you’re going to look like Marilyn Monroe while you do it. But the destruction you cause could be seen as beauty or even art to someone else.


That being said, accidents happen. About a week ago I (accidentally!!!!!) took out someone’s side mirror when I was driving. I, being the edgy and short tempered Spider from Mars that I am, was completely buggin. Thankfully, my mom took control of the situation and went through proper DMV issued procedure. Well, turns out that I shattered the mirror. But the nice lady whose mirror I shattered was a mosaic artist. She could’ve picked up the bits of mirror and used them in her next piece. At any rate, I’m sure she looked at my disaster and saw the art in my blind destruction.


So was it careless of me to break her mirror? Sure, I guess. I’m a bad driver. I’m careless. Whatever. It must also be careless for Mary to look at an old house and want to live in it, even though her boyfriend (and everyone else in town) thinks it’s a hideous wreck. And it was careless for them to throw rocks at said house and make wishes if they broke a window. So thanks anyways, George Bailey. You don’t have to carelessly lasso the Moon for me because you couldn’t guess the careless wish I made when I carelessly threw the rock that carelessly broke that window. Besides, I’ve got friends who live there.


Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies

(all photos by yours truly)


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