Freedom of the Road

Freedom of the Road

“I think cars are ugly because they pollute the Earth.”

Yes, but not all of them. Today we have to worry about our fossil footprint and what hurts what and if we can even afford this gasoline that kills the fun of driving. It used to be that you could get a car when you were 16 and have the time of your life. Nope! Not anymore! In the FABULOUS 21st century, IF you can afford a car when you are 16, it’ll probably be an old model which breaks often and needs constant repair, guzzles pricey $4 gas, and is a clutch that you don’t even know how to drive because everything around you is automatic.


Probably what my first car will look like
(Photo by Ivar Ivrig)

Or, if you’ve got the dough, you can splurge on an environmentally friendly car that runs on electricity, doesn’t have parts that break, and is so quiet you can easily pass as a ninja. But if you’re like me or just about any average person, option two is way out of the price range. So if cars are so expensive and troublesome, why do we even bother?

Well the obvious answer is transportation. We need an efficient way to get from point A to point B, and the car is the optimal solution. But other than that, what appeal do cars have? The answer: Freedom. Remember how it felt getting into the driver’s seat of your very own car? (Or how you dream of that day.) Owning  car is the first time our parents put something of real value into our hands and toss us the keys.


(Photo by Doug and Theodore Kearley)

A car of your own. Something that is yours to take care of and love. You can go where you want when you want. It’s a real test of responsibility;  our first real chance to prove to our parents that we are more than capable of handling ourselves, thank you very much!


My mom’s worst nightmare: Heath Ledger with the keys to James Dean’s car.

This is one of those situations where we know something is bad and harmful to the environment but we keep doing it anyways because we are so used to it and often don’t have a better choice. It makes me honestly very sad to know that I’ll never get the teal 1975 Dodge Ramcharger of my dreams because it’s a gas guzzling car seven times to big for the slight streets of Santa Barbara. But this is one of those situations where you gotta take what you can get until something better comes along. Hell, life is one of those situations.

Whatever. Cars of all shape and size mean freedom. Your first car it something you’ll never forget, even if you don’t get it until you’re twenty. It’s your first grasp at real independence, which is definitely a prize worth our time. Maybe in the future they can make a car that has a ’75 Ramcharger body and an electric engine. (Hint hint, engineers)

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.


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