Let it Snow (just nowhere near me)


“The cold is ugly cause you have to wear sweaters, which make me look ugly, and ugh! I just don’t like it.”

My team mate, apparently, doesn’t appreciate the cold. I thought this one was interesting because she says she doesn’t like the cold because it changes her appearance. She doesn’t like wearing sweaters because it makes her look “ugly”. And she wasn’t talking about those ugly Christmas sweaters you brake out for that one Christmas party you go to once a year, she meant sweaters: any and all.

Earlier this year, my best friend Lara and I went snowboarding at China Peak. It was early January and there was no snow, so on the last day we (along with Lara’s mom, dad, and younger brother) went on the most amazing hike of my life. Although we set out in full winter gear, by the end of the hike Jascha, her brother, was shirtless and the rest of us were on our way to joining him. I’m sure we didn’t look “attractive” in our pit-stained shirts and ratty Ugg boots, but we had way more fun than you’d think would be possible on a 9 mile hike through a snowy forest.


(photo by yours truly)


(photo by yours truly)


(photo by yours truly)

The thing about appearances is that it’s defined by other people. You have to look to other people for validation; to make sure you’re parting your hair the right way or wearing sandals with the right shirt and skirt. If we stopped looking outward for validation and just asked ourselves if we liked what we were wearing rather than asking the world, we would probably look, by today’s ridiculously high standards, just that: ridiculous. We would be purely individual if we didn’t take other people’s opinions into consideration.


(photo by yours truly)

HOWEVER: That’s not the way our world works. Never has been, never will be. The only reason we have friends is because our best friends are the only people who will stand by our side and fight off the world’s hounds from hell and then quietly inform us that no, you don’t wear the Kenneth Cole’s with that dress because it is, you know, mixing genres. There’s a fine line between ‘socially acceptable’ and ‘straight up psychoid’, but if you want to walk that line in a pair of six inch platform boots by all means do so. What ever you do, do it with confidence. I mean, come on, does it really matter if all he ever wears is basketball shorts or jeans accompanied by a simple black jacket? No. Why should it? It all comes back to whether or not you care about the bad things the mean people are saying. And if you do, kid you’re not hearing all the rad things the cool people are saying. Because if you were, you wouldn’t think twice about being your strange and wonderful self.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.


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