Stop Yodeling, Martin Sexton! (just kidding, never stop)

Stop Yodeling, Martin Sexton! (just kidding, never stop)

“The other day I heard this guy yodel and it was really weird. Does that count as ugly?”

I’m counting this one as ugly for the sole purpose of introducing y’all to Martin Sexton. If you’ve been reading the Weekly Quotes, you might’ve noticed this awkward name pop up several times. I first debuted Martin Sexton in my post Freedom of the Road, titled after a song of his. The weekly post was him, and now he’s got his very own post. And the reason? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got music? (if you thought I was going to say heroin, then I’m proud of you for watching Trainspotting)

Martin Sexton is a short man with the vocal range wider than the Himalayas and more soul than at least 96% of the blues artists on the scene. His first recorded album was called In the Journey, and it’s my second favorite. (My first favorite is Wonder Bar). The most interesting thing about Mr. Sexton is that he never plays the same song the same way. When he plays his album songs live, good luck trying to sing along; they only carry the traces of the album versions. But you will sing at a Sexton concert. Most of his soul ballads fill out with some backing vocals for the effect of an Earth rattling blues piece, but because he usually tours solo, he empowers the audience as his heavenly choir.

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Sexton in concert last Friday and it was much needed. His songs can get you jiving, laughting, singing, crying, and remind you to live and love. His stage presence was astounding; he was always in control. Even when he stopped and tuned his guitar in the middle of the song he kept singing and just went with it. That’s the thing about Martin Sexton: he doesn’t have rules. He has poise and composure, but he is loose and welcoming. And yes, he yodeled. Several time. And you know what? It was pretty damn bad ass.


Picture by yours truly

The art of Yodeling has been trashed and given a bad name, thou not undeservedly. When my best friend gave me a CD with a sticky note reading ‘he yodels’ I myself was apprehensive. But then Sexton stole the show. He yodels in a song called Way I Am and it makes the world human again. I get that 9 times out of 10 a short yodeling man will not bring you to tears joy, but there is always the exception. See for yourself below.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamthesevenites


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