We’re all Just Dolls in Dolls

We’re all Just Dolls in Dolls

“Baseball hats are ugly. Yeah,because the bills are curved.”

Coke or Pepsi? Converse or Vans? Low tops or high tops? iPhone or Android? Flat bill or round? We are bombarded with questions that could potentially define us all the time. Our appearance is a statement to the world, and the world can’t do a thing to stop us. Whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves is how we are seen. However, if people choose to get to actually know us or not is on them. Sure how we look is part of it, but our choices and actions speak louder than a homeless drunk.

People notice things, by the way, in case you’ve missed that li’l tid bit. If we were oblivious to things then we would never judge or be jealous, but we do so we are. For example, how many people do you know that wear Patagonias? It’s a fad right now, everybody’s doing it. You’re probably even more likely to notice someone not wearing a Patagonia.

YOU have the power to choose! Will it be the HIGH road or the LOW? WILL you wear the tie or WON’T you? DO you keep writing in CAPS LOCK or do you stop? Hate to be cliche, but like Rachel Dawes (and oh so many others) say “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.” Not that I completely believe that this is totally, completely, 100% true all the time. But hey, is anything totally, completely, 100% true all the time? I think that people perceive you based on your actions, but I also believe we are all Matryoshka dolls: one person inside of another inside of another inside of another.

Think of each doll as a side of you. Here’s an example, feel free to change it to fit your individuality. There’s the shallow side to you, which is the biggest doll because that’s what everyone sees. Then there’s the shy doll which is a pretty big part of you just below the surface. After that there’s the crazy fun side that only your best friends see. And there’s also the  worries that you keep hidden below all your other personalities. But deep deep down, the last doll, is fear. Because you like all the rest of us, are scared. And you, like the rest of us, would rather be a dung beetle than vulnerable.

Don’t forget the glitter. -iamtheseventies.


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