Rust In Pieces


“Rust. Rust is ugly. It’s decay and gross.”

Corrosion, the enemy of all toys containing metal. I understand why one might have a grudge against rust. It’s such a drag when you leave your Star Wars action figures outside overnight, only to find their joints rusted up in the morning. I remember just how it felt to run outside on a bright summer morning, grab Han Solo off the dewy grass, and see those tell-tale signs of rust on the tiny screws in his knees and elbows. Rust is like old age for toys: One day you’re running around with the rest of your eternal life before you, the next you’re rusted up, can’t move and are being thrown away.

Old Rusted Toys

Old Rusted Toys

Of course, the rusted man has been immortalized forever on the silver screen in one of the most well-known films of all time: The Wizard of OZ. The Tin Man goes with Dorothy to OZ to ask the Wiz for a heart. Why would a rusted man who needs constant oiling want a heart? Many theories have arisen from L. Frank Baum’s original books and the 1939 classic. I personally think that Dorothy is trying to not grow up, and the Tin Man is supposed to be the stiff and rigid adults who are certain they are right. But the Tin Man got so mean and crabby that he started to rust. So when Dorothy strolls past, he needs her help. Dorothy, not knowing better, rushes over and help loosen up his corroded knees and elbows. Then the Tin man realizes that it’s so much easier to move if you’ve got oil (which can represent love or kindness) so he wants a heart so that he will always have love.

A Tin Man with a Heart

A Tin Man with a Heart

So in actual real life, rust can be a pain. But if you look at a box and see a circle, then you can make rust into the bad that shows you the good.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.

Dare you challenge me to a duel of wits? Let me know what something you think is ugly and why below and I’ll prove you wrong. (Maybe) Cheers!


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