Broken Bones Call for Help (Literally)


“How about a serious injury? Like a shark bite, or a broken bone? That’s pretty ugly.”

Ouch. No really, serious injuries are very painful. But where would we be without them? (This Post Could Have Been Really Gross But I Took Pity On Your Poor Stomach)

Shark bites, shattered knee caps, split skulls, stitches on your eyeball, you name it. All serious injuries are stories that beg the question: Was it worth it? Sometimes the answer is ‘Hell yeah! I’d do it again any day, broken arm and all!’ Other times, the answer is a grimace and a little upchuck. And yet injuries are experiences. And experiences, good or bad, are the stitches of life.


Stitches of life

Someone once said that suffering builds character. So if we don’t suffer doesn’t that mean that we’ll never have any character? I’m not saying y’all should go about looking to break yourselves, but pain is a side affect of life (or maybe it’s the other way around). But accidents happen and everybody hurts. Yet with all this new technology coming out, it’s getting easier and easier to fix unpleasentries. It used to be that if you broke your arm, you might never walk again. In the near future, you can chop your arm off and they’ll just harvest some stem cells and grow you a new one. All this can mean only one thing: really bad business for horror movie killers.


Sorry Mr. Scream

Serious injuries could potentially become a thing of the past; we should embrace them while we can. And things like shark bites remind us that we don’t, in fact, own the world. We live here with other creatures and have to respect that. That’s why when people blame animals for causing serious injuries, it really bothers me. We have to learn to coexist, and if we can’t, then we won’t be the ones taking the fall. Are we humans really so selfish that we would rather kill off every other animal than take a couple for the team? Hate to say it, but a few random deaths caused by animals are not going to stop a population that’s growing exponentially. People die, it’s what they do.


People Die

Sorry for the morbidity, but we are talking about serious injuries. Look, they happen. Yeah it bites, sometimes in more than one way, but humans are the eternal underdog. And as underdogs, it is our responsibility to transform into the comeback kids. Besides, maybe in the future, kids won’t be doing heroin or applying glitter eye make up for kicks. Maybe they’ll be breaking their bones just to regrow them with some cheap stem cells. But until that day, we have to tough it out. Besides, suffering builds character.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.


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