So, If Mick Jagger Is Wearing Tennis Shoes, Does That Mean He Isn’t Cool Anymore?


“I think tennis shoes are ugly. I don’t like the way they look, and I don’t like the people who wear them.”

This quote is funny to me because, based on their shoes, my friend is judging people. Funny, right? A person’s shoes do tell quite a bit about them though, don’t they? Even Forrest Gump judges people by theirs shoes. Not that Gump so much as judges people so much as listens to their story. But when you see a person’s shoes, do you listen to their story or make up one up that you think goes with the shoes?

Tennis shoes are a bit odd, however. They’re clunky, awkward, and usually pretty worn out. In today’s foot fashion, your shoes tell a lot about you. For example, if you wear Dr.Martens, you could be seen as intimidating and tough. A pair of Toms looks relaxed and outdoorsy. Chucks can be seen as classic (if worn right), hipster (if worn wrong), or a Montecito prick if worn stereotypically. And toe shoes are just weird. So where do tennis shoes fit in?

Tennis shoes give off a vibe of quiet, stay at home type. Chances are, if you get out you have probably been exposed to the World Wide Web of shoes and variations there of. And wearing tennis shoes to school can make you seem socially awkward or dorky. But that’s not the real story, is it?

Your tennis shoes are on your feet for a reason. You woke up, put on some socks, and laced up your beat up old tennis shoes. Or maybe they’re brand spanking new right out of the box can’t wait to show your friends. But they didn’t just appear on your feet. You could be wearing tennis shoes because you are going to play tennis! You could be the comeback kid of Wimbledon! Or you could be wearing them because you are on your way to run a marathon for the latest form of cancer. A couple years ago my dad ran over One Hundred miles in his tennis shoes. Over the span of a year, but still! Those were some lived in kicks.

So I guess that’s the moral of the story: Shoes are meant to be lived in, however you chose to do so is on you. Shoes tell the story of our lives, and the only people worth sharing those stories with are the ones who ask, not the ones who assume. Keeping it real on a Saturday evening. 🙂

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.


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