Drugs: The Good,The Bad, and (wait for it!) The Ugly


“Drugs are ugly because they make people do ugly things.”

I told you this week was going to be big. Last post, I showed you how religion is beautiful because it keeps us human. This week I’m not going to support the use of drug use, I’m just going to propose an explanation for why some people find them a beautiful torture. (For the record, I do not support this post. But sometimes I have to contradict myself just to keep things interesting.)


Today's Post Goes Something Like This http://likegif.com/trainspotting-quotes-3.html

Today’s Post Goes Something Like This

Drugs are hell. I’m not an expert, so don’t go all Dr. Lipshitz on me, but all drugs have severe side affects. But then again, life is a side affect of death, so why not make it a wild trip, right? Umm.. wrong. Even though movies, music, social media, even society often portray drugs as ‘just fine’, there’s always a price to pay. And if you’re too dead to pay it, someone you love will have to. There’s nothing pretty about a drug addict. Thin, gaunt, pale, and always needs a fix. Why would you want to spend time with someone so severely unhinged? Why would you want to be that person? Drugs are an ugly beast, lurking in the shadows. It’s like everybody’s always telling me about me and my motorcycle: “It’s not if you crash, it’s when.” And just like me on my bike, the chances of you living to tell the tale are up to fate. But telling you how ugly drugs are is the easy part. They’re obviously horrible. So where is the beauty?

To understand the beauty in the horror, we have to look at why people do drugs in the first place. Some people do drugs because they can. Maybe they’ve been poor all their life and they’ve just struck it rich. How many stories of newly famous stars who got into hard drugs can you think of? More than a few, right? One of the biggest draw backs of doing drugs is that they are expensive. So if you find yourself suddenly loaded, why not blow a few grand on some really nice cocaine? Give it a spin, why don’t ya! Others do drugs because they are so damn miserable that a high is the only thing to cheer them up. Some people in this world have really, truly horrible lives. Abuse, hatred, fear, violence and straight up ignorance all run rampant through the slums and back streets of society. The Eternal Underdogs are the kids who grow up in a rough neighborhood with tough parents, only to be shoved into the lowest regarded class at a high school run on a broken public school system to try and give them “opportunities”. Yeah, opportunities for what? These aren’t staright laced middle class kids who define average, nor are they semi-rebellious upper class entitled youth. These are the Eternal Underdogs. These are the kids who have to fight to survive. Alcoholism, gangs, hunger, pain, fear are all a part of their day to day. Do you really expect them to sit quietly in the back of the class and cross multiply to find x when they can just not go to class and get stoned instead? Wouldn’t you? Would you rather fail a class because you don’t have time to do the loads of homework that your overbearing teachers assign because you’re fifteen and working the night shift at the 7-11 on Broadway; or drop out of high school and spend that hour smoking some leaves that take the ever present tension out of your shoulders and the constantly nagging worries out of your mind for a bit? Obviously you would go light up because the low road is always easier and you, the Eternal Underdog, do not need anything else burdening your life.

Chaos killed the dinosaurs, darling.  http://not-fun.dreamwidth.org/tag/propaganda

Chaos killed the dinosaurs, darling.

At this point, the beauty is clear. Drugs are the beautifully simple answer to the complex and quite often disturbing questions life throws at us. Should I go to school and suffer through a day of judgment, low self esteem, and ultimately insignificant woes? I’m already drowning in missing assignments and the teacher never  answers my questions. I could go smoke, could go get stoned. All those rock stars do it. All my friends do it. Why not join them? It would be so easy and so painless to just slip into the oblivion, into the crowd. I could be like them. When I get high, all my trouble would go away. Wouldn’t that be nice? Life only gets harder. They say it gets better, but it doesn’t. Not really. After barely getting out of high school, you have to go to college, where you set the pace for the rest of your pitiful existence. Maybe there you try out some harder stuff. You get a bigger high. A longer one. A new one. After college you get tossed into the real world, as if you haven’t been in it all along. Drowning in student loans and rent and trying to find a job, you’d much rather stay home and shoot up than go out and try to find someone nice to keep you warm at night. When facing the void of possible rejection and heartbreak, it’s so much easier to get high and just soar above it. Drugs are the clouds on which we can float in between periods in hell. People who do drugs are always searching, wanting for more. To them, “natural highs” are BS. They know better. But they also know that once you start down that path, hell will be a good day when you’re trying to get off. Everybody does drugs for a different reason. But mostly, I think they’re just trying to escape. They’re all just running. It doesn’t matter what from. But they’ll be running the rest of their lives. Drugs are the beautiful beasts that we all fear. It’s just that some of us aren’t afraid.



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  1. I got to say, I love the line “But if you’re too dead to pay it, someone you love will have to.” All too true.

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