You’ll Never Look at Maverick the Same


Day three of “Four days of Disappoint”, and we enter the realm of Cruisedom. Tom Cruise, one of the many actors we love to hate. On screen, he has created some of our favorite characters. Off screen, we love to see him as an uncontrollable, strange, and the leader of a cult. But I was willing to ignore these acclaimed attributes in order to preserve characters like Joel Goodsen, Nathan Algren, and even Ethan Hunt. But there’s only so much I can take.

I was hanging out with my younger brother when he burst out laughing and showed me his phone. On it was a picture of Tom Cruise. I was certain it was photo-shopped. But then I started seeing it in every…single…picture. At that point, he was gone. There was nothing I could do.

We all have that friend with a goofy laugh, but does it ever become annoying, even frightening? Or will we always love them for it. We “regular” people are allowed to make silly faces, have stupid laughs, and be unphotogenic. So why do the rules change for celebrities? Us civilians are allowed to do outlandish things for love, but as soon as Tom Cruise makes a fool of himself on live TV, he’s an embarrassment. Some people say that it was immature, inappropriate, or even uncalled for. But who are we to judge? One thing I’ve learned in my short, misplaced life is that no matter what, people are going to judge other people. It’s just a thing. The best thing to do is laugh at our mistakes and take pride in our accomplishments. And never be afraid to smile. Even if you do have a tooth in the exact center of your mouth.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies.



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