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The Biggest Disappointment of All


This whole week has been about getting let down and things not turning out as we had hoped. Disappointments and discouragement often go hand in hand. But just because something doesn’t go right one time doesn’t mean it will every time. Say you play baseball (or softball, if you’re cool). If you strike out once, it doesn’t mean you’re going to strike out every single time for the rest of your life. I mean you could if you really tried, but if you go up every time visualizing getting a hit, you will have a much better chance of getting a hit. (Note: I’m basically quoting my coach verbatim here, so this isn’t exactly my advise to give. I’m just passing it on.)

The only reason we ever get let down is because we have expectations. We have standards. We expect things from ourselves and from other people. Sometimes those expectations are too extreme to be realized, and sometimes they’re uncalled for. Who am I to say where Christian Bale should have gotten married? Why is it my business if Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder broke up? Why do we set expectations in the first place? Why should we expect life to hand us anything on a silver platter? What does life owe us? What did we do to deserve such high priority from a universe that has bigger problems to worry about? Sure, sometimes expectations are helpful. Imagine going to school and not knowing what to expect. Imagine going home and not knowing what to expect. Imagine waking up and not knowing what to expect. Expectations help us get through the day, but we need to draw the line somewhere. I personally expect to get every last drop of life out of my conscious time on this rock. But I know that nothing is ever going to fall into my lap. I’m an eternal underdog. I’m not the queen, but I’m in the club. The cards just don’t fall our way, fellas. We gotta work for what we get. Newsies on a mission. But  constant, reliable, things are good for the soul. Just like glam rock.

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You’ll Never Look at Maverick the Same


Day three of “Four days of Disappoint”, and we enter the realm of Cruisedom. Tom Cruise, one of the many actors we love to hate. On screen, he has created some of our favorite characters. Off screen, we love to see him as an uncontrollable, strange, and the leader of a cult. But I was willing to ignore these acclaimed attributes in order to preserve characters like Joel Goodsen, Nathan Algren, and even Ethan Hunt. But there’s only so much I can take.

I was hanging out with my younger brother when he burst out laughing and showed me his phone. On it was a picture of Tom Cruise. I was certain it was photo-shopped. But then I started seeing it in every…single…picture. At that point, he was gone. There was nothing I could do.

We all have that friend with a goofy laugh, but does it ever become annoying, even frightening? Or will we always love them for it. We “regular” people are allowed to make silly faces, have stupid laughs, and be unphotogenic. So why do the rules change for celebrities? Us civilians are allowed to do outlandish things for love, but as soon as Tom Cruise makes a fool of himself on live TV, he’s an embarrassment. Some people say that it was immature, inappropriate, or even uncalled for. But who are we to judge? One thing I’ve learned in my short, misplaced life is that no matter what, people are going to judge other people. It’s just a thing. The best thing to do is laugh at our mistakes and take pride in our accomplishments. And never be afraid to smile. Even if you do have a tooth in the exact center of your mouth.

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Why It Shouldn’t Matter That Christian Bale Was Married By Elvis (but it does)


I recently learned that Christian Bale and then girlfriend Sibi Blazic eloped in 200o and were married in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada by none other than Elvis Presley himself. (ok it was impersonator, but that’s almost worse.) The two have been happily married for 14 years, have one child, and are expecting their second. So if they’re so happy, why am I still hung upon this?!

Still in love

Still in love Source


I don’t know why, but I felt let down by this knowledge. I’d always imagined the Bales having a nice small wedding, very modest and humble, somewhere remote but nice. Maybe Brazil. Not running away to Vegas and getting married by an ELVIS IMPERSONATOR. It just seems so…. trashy? Lame? Un-romantic? It feels like something Katy Perry would do. Not Cristian flippin’ Bale. It felt less than perfect. But then I’d stop and think to myself: why do I even care?

Veags with a happy ending Source

Vegas with a happy ending

The truth is it matter because he matters. I don’t actually know that much about Christian Bale. I know some random facts, like that he was married in Vegas, but I don’t know what kind of person he is. I don’t know if he’s nice, or naïve.  I don’t know if he’s considerate or condescending. And, in truth, I don’t really want to know. The reason he means so much to me is because some (SOME) of his characters mean so much to me. He’s been n movies that have completely reformed my brain. Some of the movies he’s been in mean more to me than he could possibly know. So my selfish, entitled teenage heart was broken when I realized that Christian Bale didn’t have the wedding my twisted mind dreamt up.

Newly Weds Source

Newly Weds

But he’s been married to the same woman for 14 years, and they’re expecting their second child, so I mean, I guess he’s happy. And does it really matter if he got married in Vegas? No. If that’s what he wanted then that’s what he should do. We love to criticize and judge other people’s actions, but what would we have done in their shoes? A whirlwind marriage does have a sort or allure. And c’mon, Elvis? That’s not so bad. It’s better than some cranky priest. Besides, Christian Bale makes a lot of movies. He’s never shied away from something that was too tough or too challenging. I respect him. I adore his films. I don’t know where I would be without Jack “Cowboy” Kelly. So I should respect his choices. I know that in my life, I’ll make some choices that my mom will say “Don’t you ever,” to, and I know that I wouldn’t want people who look up to me saying “What the hell, man?” I’d want them to either say “Right on sister!” or get out of the way. There’s enough anger and disappointment in this world to add any more to.

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Four Days Of Disappointment (sorry)


“Disappointment is really ugly. It feels ugly.”

Have you ever heard something that you wish you could unhear? Did your favorite celebrity ever let you down? Have you ever fallen in love with a character, only to learn something hideous about the actor that played them? Has someone ever said the wrong thing? This week, in a four part series, we’re going to discuss the ugly let downs of life. Today, we’ll cry over the fact that Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder broke up.

The 90’s were a time of bad color schemes, rocking TV shows, and all the stoners from the 70’s were either dead or sober, (for the most part). It was also the only period of time to behold one of the most adored couples of this life: Johnny and Winona. They met at the premire of Great Balls of Fire! in which Ryder starred. It was June, of ’89. By ’93, they had been engaged for three years, had stolen our hearts (as well as each other’s) and had broken up. Hollywood’s loveliest couple was off. But back to the beginning. They both starred in Tim Burton’s 1990 drama Edward Scissorhands, which I pray you’ve seen. The romance was budding both on and off screen. Below are some pics from Edward Scissorhands and the beginning of a true love.


In 1990, he popped the question. The bombshell couple was engaged for three years before the split. Winona as the one to break it off. She was 10 years younger than Depp, and her parents (along with others) were putting stress on her about being too young to get married at just 18. But it’s undeniable: these were the only two people on this earth beautiful and strange enough for each other. So why am I telling you this?

Often, when we see celebrity romances, we feel that it is our personal quest to find out every single detail and give our very strong opinion whenever we get the chance. Whole magazine companies dedicate themselves to following celebreties and their lives and loves. We call them “paparazzi”. I try to open your minds, but what about your eyes? Sometimes my posts can get to be arbitrary, symbolic, or metaphorical. But this is real. This is a tangible thing I can say and you can envision. And our infatuation with celebrities’ lives is pretty ugly. So why do we invade our heroes privacy? We idolize these people. We care about them. We want to be a part of them. That’s not so bad, right? We’re all just looking for lean on, and celebrities are perfect for that. We love to hate Kim Kardashian. Just as much as we love to love Ellen DeGeneres. It’s human nature to want to relate. Moral of the story: stay out of their way, give them their privacy, they deserve it just as much as you do. But having your heart broken by the end of Bad Boy and Queen Danger is just human nature. It’s a tough one. Stay tuned for more views on celebrities and why they mean so much to us.

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The Curse of Brace-Face


“Braces are ugly, painful, and horrible.”

Yup. I’ve been there. But now my teeth are all straight and it was totally worth it! Right?

Braces make eating even the mushiest bananas hard. So why do we put ourselves through this socially acceptable form of torture? And how socially acceptable is it really? No, you won’t get dragged though the streets for having braces. No you won’t get sprayed with fire hoses. No you won’t be exiled from your town. CALM DOWN! But you do get dragged down through the Jr. High School hierarchy until you sit dead last in the line of waiting-to-be-a-High-Schooler.  You will get sprayed in the face on a monthly basis by your orthodontist and his/her/creature from the black lagoon’s water-sprayer-thingy that they shoot you in the mouth with then in your eye “on accident”. And yes, you will be exiled from any and all forms of weekend fun.

Ok, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but it’s not wrong. With rubber bands criss-crossing your mouth, making conversation (or any speech) a real challenge; with the sleepless nights due to the aching and ever present pain coming from your teeth being rearranged; and with the insides of your mouth getting cut, giving you eerily Joker-esque scars on the inside of your mouth, braces aren’t far from hell. Or as close as any eighth grader can get to the fiery gates. So this begs the question: why? What was I thinking?!

Well, there’s the practical answer: my teeth weren’t growing in straight and having crooked teeth causes problems with digestion and stuff. But other than that… to make them look nice? Are these the kind of things we as a society are doing today to fit the ever changing norm of what is and what is not “beautiful”? My mom always said it was making my teeth beautiful. Is that what other moms say to their kids whose arms and legs are thinner than sticks? It’s making them beautiful? Is that what other moms say to their kids when they ask why their mom is going in to surgery to put plastic in her face? It’s making mommy beautiful? I sure hope not. I hope moms are saying “It’s making you beautiful” when their kids are trying out for their school play because they love theatre. Or when their teenager asks why they have to do gardening. Or best of all- when kids are asking if they should challenge society. Yes. Because it’s making you beautiful. It’s shaping your character. I guarantee you that the people who will love you for the rest of your life are the ones who think you have a beautiful soul and mind. Not teeth. I promise.

So even though your teeth might get you noticed (and maybe not always in a good way), it’s the people who stick around because of your personality that will tell the embarrassing stories of your horrible brace-face at your wedding. Their the ones you’re going to miss the most when you’re off at college or whatever. Those are the people that you’re going to love and that are going to love you for the rest of your life. So let’s see…. Braces are beautiful because society doesn’t think that they are. They are the beautiful disasters we all go through that help us grow.

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Drugs: The Good,The Bad, and (wait for it!) The Ugly


“Drugs are ugly because they make people do ugly things.”

I told you this week was going to be big. Last post, I showed you how religion is beautiful because it keeps us human. This week I’m not going to support the use of drug use, I’m just going to propose an explanation for why some people find them a beautiful torture. (For the record, I do not support this post. But sometimes I have to contradict myself just to keep things interesting.)


Today's Post Goes Something Like This

Today’s Post Goes Something Like This

Drugs are hell. I’m not an expert, so don’t go all Dr. Lipshitz on me, but all drugs have severe side affects. But then again, life is a side affect of death, so why not make it a wild trip, right? Umm.. wrong. Even though movies, music, social media, even society often portray drugs as ‘just fine’, there’s always a price to pay. And if you’re too dead to pay it, someone you love will have to. There’s nothing pretty about a drug addict. Thin, gaunt, pale, and always needs a fix. Why would you want to spend time with someone so severely unhinged? Why would you want to be that person? Drugs are an ugly beast, lurking in the shadows. It’s like everybody’s always telling me about me and my motorcycle: “It’s not if you crash, it’s when.” And just like me on my bike, the chances of you living to tell the tale are up to fate. But telling you how ugly drugs are is the easy part. They’re obviously horrible. So where is the beauty?

To understand the beauty in the horror, we have to look at why people do drugs in the first place. Some people do drugs because they can. Maybe they’ve been poor all their life and they’ve just struck it rich. How many stories of newly famous stars who got into hard drugs can you think of? More than a few, right? One of the biggest draw backs of doing drugs is that they are expensive. So if you find yourself suddenly loaded, why not blow a few grand on some really nice cocaine? Give it a spin, why don’t ya! Others do drugs because they are so damn miserable that a high is the only thing to cheer them up. Some people in this world have really, truly horrible lives. Abuse, hatred, fear, violence and straight up ignorance all run rampant through the slums and back streets of society. The Eternal Underdogs are the kids who grow up in a rough neighborhood with tough parents, only to be shoved into the lowest regarded class at a high school run on a broken public school system to try and give them “opportunities”. Yeah, opportunities for what? These aren’t staright laced middle class kids who define average, nor are they semi-rebellious upper class entitled youth. These are the Eternal Underdogs. These are the kids who have to fight to survive. Alcoholism, gangs, hunger, pain, fear are all a part of their day to day. Do you really expect them to sit quietly in the back of the class and cross multiply to find x when they can just not go to class and get stoned instead? Wouldn’t you? Would you rather fail a class because you don’t have time to do the loads of homework that your overbearing teachers assign because you’re fifteen and working the night shift at the 7-11 on Broadway; or drop out of high school and spend that hour smoking some leaves that take the ever present tension out of your shoulders and the constantly nagging worries out of your mind for a bit? Obviously you would go light up because the low road is always easier and you, the Eternal Underdog, do not need anything else burdening your life.

Chaos killed the dinosaurs, darling.

Chaos killed the dinosaurs, darling.

At this point, the beauty is clear. Drugs are the beautifully simple answer to the complex and quite often disturbing questions life throws at us. Should I go to school and suffer through a day of judgment, low self esteem, and ultimately insignificant woes? I’m already drowning in missing assignments and the teacher never  answers my questions. I could go smoke, could go get stoned. All those rock stars do it. All my friends do it. Why not join them? It would be so easy and so painless to just slip into the oblivion, into the crowd. I could be like them. When I get high, all my trouble would go away. Wouldn’t that be nice? Life only gets harder. They say it gets better, but it doesn’t. Not really. After barely getting out of high school, you have to go to college, where you set the pace for the rest of your pitiful existence. Maybe there you try out some harder stuff. You get a bigger high. A longer one. A new one. After college you get tossed into the real world, as if you haven’t been in it all along. Drowning in student loans and rent and trying to find a job, you’d much rather stay home and shoot up than go out and try to find someone nice to keep you warm at night. When facing the void of possible rejection and heartbreak, it’s so much easier to get high and just soar above it. Drugs are the clouds on which we can float in between periods in hell. People who do drugs are always searching, wanting for more. To them, “natural highs” are BS. They know better. But they also know that once you start down that path, hell will be a good day when you’re trying to get off. Everybody does drugs for a different reason. But mostly, I think they’re just trying to escape. They’re all just running. It doesn’t matter what from. But they’ll be running the rest of their lives. Drugs are the beautiful beasts that we all fear. It’s just that some of us aren’t afraid.



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The Germ Paradox


“I think germs are ugly. I don’t like them because you can only kill 99%. There’s always that 1% that’s out to get you.”

Ahh, the germ paradox. So can we all just agree that yes, germs are ugly? Ok? Set? Good. Now onto the good stuff.


Let’s define germs, so that we’re all on the same page. For all intents and purposes, a germ is a disease-causing microorganism. Yes? Fine? Good. Like I’ve mentioned earlier in the week, some seriously awesome horror movies can be spawned off of this. But I’m pretty sure they’ve already done flicks on germs. (The Germ, Contagion, The Seventh Seal, etc.) But the scariest part of these skin peeling, nerves testing, gag reflex pushing movies is that more often than not, they are plausible. If not based on a true story. Take movies like Contagion for example. It’s a Hollywood-ized, romanticized, Damon-ized story that COULD ACTUALY HAPPEN. With all the travel and close contact we have today, spreading an airborne disease would be so easy it makes me want to crawl into a hole and never breath near another human again. Ever.

These theories are pretty mainstream, too. It’s not a secret that the best way to annihilate the human population of Earth is either: A) Nuclear War; B) Airborne Toxic Event; or C) Dragons. If I was going to take us out, I would choose option B. (Mostly because A is too expected, and C is too cliché) All you have to do is release a quick-mutating disease that is spread my contact or, even better, is airborne. Then you’re set. Just sit back and watch the world burn. Because if you’re planning something like this, then you don’t want money, fame, love, success. You just want to watch the world burn.

So how is all this nonsense a paradox? Well, in our race to cleanse ourselves of these disease causing germs, we have invented marvelous chemicals that you can spray all over your house, in your clothes, and even rub on your hands right before you eat. How wonderful! They are actually. Well, most of them. Where would we be without soaps and sanitation? If you said “The Black Plague” you are correct! I also would have accepted “Europe in the Dark Ages”. One of the reasons The Plague spread so fast was the lack of sanitation and the abundance of clothes sharing, (like with dead people). So now we wash our hands and don’t catch The Plague. But the one catch on all these great products is that little sticker that reads: Kills 99% of Germs! So while you’re washing your hands, killing off the 99%, that 1% is NOT DYING. In fact, they’re getting stronger, they’re becoming resilient. And in time that 1% will become the 99%, only the chemicals will only be able to kill the 1%.

The paradox is that whilst trying to destroy the germs that can harm us, we are making them stronger and harder to kill. Hence an eternal battle between humans and germs that we will never win because we can’t kill all the bacteria because we need bacteria to survive. Yet at he same time, germs are taking lives everyday. So where does it end? It doesn’t. That’s a paradox.

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Weeds (No, not like the TV show)


“I think weeds are ugly. Like when they pop up in your garden and make the whole thing look ugly.”

Just for clarification, we’re not talking about the TV show Weeds nor are we talking about marijuana. Anyways, weeds are ugly. They are hard to get rid of and hard to kill. Isn’t it annoying when you work so hard to make your garden look nice and pretty then you turn around and it’s overrun with weeds? Weeds have been the source of Saturday morning chores for decades. Why?

Not all weeds are bad, you know. Dandelions are weeds, but everybody’s blown the flowers of and made a wish. Little did we know that those little “fairies” were the dandelion’s seeds and when we blew them all over the place, we were signing ourselves up for three weeks worth of weeding. Other weeds, like thistle, are dangerously beautiful. Their flowers are vibrant and enticing, but thistle weeds are notorious for their sharp thorns on their stems.

One of the great things about weeds are that they’re resilient. We can spray them with chemicals, yank out their roots, and chop them up; but they’ll be back next month. That kinda reminds me of us. Some humans think they’re better than others. It’s like we think that there’s two kinds of people: the ones we want in our garden Earth and those we don’t. Some people think they’ve got this birthright to out the “weeds” of society. But they never do it themselves, they hire other, slightly lower, people to do their dirty work for them.

Maybe I’m mixing my metaphors. What I’m trying to say is what if the rich posh people are the flowers, the hard working middle class are the gardeners, and the poor dirty homeless people are the weeds? Welcome to planet Earth, we just have a place for everybody, don’t we? Think about it. We can spit on them, ignore them, or try to eradicate them, but they’re resilient and keep coming back. There will always be homeless people. So maybe we’re going about this the wrong way. Maybe we need to treat weeds like we’d treat regular flowers. We shouldn’t let them overrun our garden, but we shouldn’t expel them either. Same with people. If we help each other out every once and a while, then we’d have less homeless people anyways.

So whether we’re talking about plants or people, just be kind. Sure weeds are a pain, but think about the insane similarities between how we treat actual weeds and how we treat the weeds of society. Scary, right?

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“Losing is ugly. No, losing to yourselves is ugly.”

This was all that I could think of after my game today. We lost, and it was ugly. It started ugly, went through a whole hell of ugly, and we crash landed at the rancid feet of ugly. There wasn’t a single person on my squad who wasn’t biting their tongue, wasn’t tense, and wasn’t responsible.

After the very first inning, I came into the dug out and lost it. I was pissed, scared, frustrated, and most of all disappointed. I lost my head and I needed to calm down, breathe, and take responsibility. It wasn’t my place to get angry and if my team hadn’t had my back, I would have gone into the second inning still pissed and would have played even worse than I did (which was still pretty bad). I came in close to tears and immediately had a teammate on my ass telling me to get out of it. She got my head back in the right place, but I was still pissed. Four other team mates asked me if I was ok, then proceeded to (figuratively) smack me back into the game. I counted to ten, took some deep breaths, and quit playing selfish ball. They were right. Yes, I made severe errors, but I had to make up for it and I had to be strong for them, for the team, for my team. My squad.

But now that that’s out of my system, I went back and mentally reviewed the game and our situation as a whole. Biologically, we are designed to be the underdogs. We’re teenage girls. We need stickers on our foreheads that read: Caution! Contains Raging Hormones! Our brains are nowhere near fully developed. We’re just trying to make the transition from awkward teenager to mature young woman smoothly. Yes, we dwell on things, yes we overthink EVERYTHING, yes we have other things going on, yes we are a BIOLOGICALLY ENGINERED HOT MESS.  No we don’t have to let today set the pace for the rest of the season. One of my coaches was painfully disappointed. But so were we. We can’t change who other people are or how they react to things, we can only control how we handle situations.

It’s not losing that’s ugly, it’s the disappointment and the dwelling on it and the not getting over it that’s ugly. We can play a damn good game and lose. That isn’t an ugly loss. Today was an ugly loss. The only thing we can do is to move on. We acted the way we did because we cared, because we got hurt, because we ARE a family. On any other team, I doubt anyone would have cared as much. If we hadn’t gotten angry over that loss, it would have meant we didn’t care. I’d rather have a coach who gets animated over a loss than not cares any day. And if we hadn’t gotten angry, frustrated, pissed, if we didn’t cry then we didn’t play with heart. Yeah we could have played with heart and played better. Losses like this prove that we do care, and that should motivate us to shape up. Look, today happened. (Take a deep breath). I love you guys. Tomorrow’s another day, another chance to get it right. Hey, why do we fall?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

(Dedicated to Santa Barbara Dons Softball Varsity Squad, 2013-14)

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