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You’ll Never Look at Maverick the Same


Day three of “Four days of Disappoint”, and we enter the realm of Cruisedom. Tom Cruise, one of the many actors we love to hate. On screen, he has created some of our favorite characters. Off screen, we love to see him as an uncontrollable, strange, and the leader of a cult. But I was willing to ignore these acclaimed attributes in order to preserve characters like Joel Goodsen, Nathan Algren, and even Ethan Hunt. But there’s only so much I can take.

I was hanging out with my younger brother when he burst out laughing and showed me his phone. On it was a picture of Tom Cruise. I was certain it was photo-shopped. But then I started seeing it in every…single…picture. At that point, he was gone. There was nothing I could do.

We all have that friend with a goofy laugh, but does it ever become annoying, even frightening? Or will we always love them for it. We “regular” people are allowed to make silly faces, have stupid laughs, and be unphotogenic. So why do the rules change for celebrities? Us civilians are allowed to do outlandish things for love, but as soon as Tom Cruise makes a fool of himself on live TV, he’s an embarrassment. Some people say that it was immature, inappropriate, or even uncalled for. But who are we to judge? One thing I’ve learned in my short, misplaced life is that no matter what, people are going to judge other people. It’s just a thing. The best thing to do is laugh at our mistakes and take pride in our accomplishments. And never be afraid to smile. Even if you do have a tooth in the exact center of your mouth.

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“Losing is ugly. No, losing to yourselves is ugly.”

This was all that I could think of after my game today. We lost, and it was ugly. It started ugly, went through a whole hell of ugly, and we crash landed at the rancid feet of ugly. There wasn’t a single person on my squad who wasn’t biting their tongue, wasn’t tense, and wasn’t responsible.

After the very first inning, I came into the dug out and lost it. I was pissed, scared, frustrated, and most of all disappointed. I lost my head and I needed to calm down, breathe, and take responsibility. It wasn’t my place to get angry and if my team hadn’t had my back, I would have gone into the second inning still pissed and would have played even worse than I did (which was still pretty bad). I came in close to tears and immediately had a teammate on my ass telling me to get out of it. She got my head back in the right place, but I was still pissed. Four other team mates asked me if I was ok, then proceeded to (figuratively) smack me back into the game. I counted to ten, took some deep breaths, and quit playing selfish ball. They were right. Yes, I made severe errors, but I had to make up for it and I had to be strong for them, for the team, for my team. My squad.

But now that that’s out of my system, I went back and mentally reviewed the game and our situation as a whole. Biologically, we are designed to be the underdogs. We’re teenage girls. We need stickers on our foreheads that read: Caution! Contains Raging Hormones! Our brains are nowhere near fully developed. We’re just trying to make the transition from awkward teenager to mature young woman smoothly. Yes, we dwell on things, yes we overthink EVERYTHING, yes we have other things going on, yes we are a BIOLOGICALLY ENGINERED HOT MESS.  No we don’t have to let today set the pace for the rest of the season. One of my coaches was painfully disappointed. But so were we. We can’t change who other people are or how they react to things, we can only control how we handle situations.

It’s not losing that’s ugly, it’s the disappointment and the dwelling on it and the not getting over it that’s ugly. We can play a damn good game and lose. That isn’t an ugly loss. Today was an ugly loss. The only thing we can do is to move on. We acted the way we did because we cared, because we got hurt, because we ARE a family. On any other team, I doubt anyone would have cared as much. If we hadn’t gotten angry over that loss, it would have meant we didn’t care. I’d rather have a coach who gets animated over a loss than not cares any day. And if we hadn’t gotten angry, frustrated, pissed, if we didn’t cry then we didn’t play with heart. Yeah we could have played with heart and played better. Losses like this prove that we do care, and that should motivate us to shape up. Look, today happened. (Take a deep breath). I love you guys. Tomorrow’s another day, another chance to get it right. Hey, why do we fall?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

(Dedicated to Santa Barbara Dons Softball Varsity Squad, 2013-14)

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Broken Glass: A careless mistake or a well placed statement?


“I don’t like broken glass. It just looks like carelessness.”

Broken glass can be found in almost every city. But how did it get there? Was a drunk throwing their beer bottle down in frustration? Or throwing it up in blissful intoxication, not realizing, in their drunken state, that it would fall back to Earth in an array of shattering glass? When you look at broken glass on the street, what story do you see? A rock thrown, breaking a window, could have been a promise of true love or just an angry teenager. Regardless, I urge you to give this display of emotion a second look.


I often find that people rarely do things without a purpose. You don’t just throw a wine bottle to the pavement and say “Whoops. So, I guess that just happened…” So when I see broken glass on the street, I think of anger. But can there be beauty in anger? I’m not saying that the next time you get in a fight or throw a tantrum (come on, we all do it) you’re going to look like Marilyn Monroe while you do it. But the destruction you cause could be seen as beauty or even art to someone else.


That being said, accidents happen. About a week ago I (accidentally!!!!!) took out someone’s side mirror when I was driving. I, being the edgy and short tempered Spider from Mars that I am, was completely buggin. Thankfully, my mom took control of the situation and went through proper DMV issued procedure. Well, turns out that I shattered the mirror. But the nice lady whose mirror I shattered was a mosaic artist. She could’ve picked up the bits of mirror and used them in her next piece. At any rate, I’m sure she looked at my disaster and saw the art in my blind destruction.


So was it careless of me to break her mirror? Sure, I guess. I’m a bad driver. I’m careless. Whatever. It must also be careless for Mary to look at an old house and want to live in it, even though her boyfriend (and everyone else in town) thinks it’s a hideous wreck. And it was careless for them to throw rocks at said house and make wishes if they broke a window. So thanks anyways, George Bailey. You don’t have to carelessly lasso the Moon for me because you couldn’t guess the careless wish I made when I carelessly threw the rock that carelessly broke that window. Besides, I’ve got friends who live there.


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(all photos by yours truly)

“I mean, how many people say ‘Oh! Look at that garage door!’?”- Mike Nesmith


On an episode of The Monkees, Mike said, in an after-episode interview, that it’s easy to dig something accepted as beautiful, like a flower. He wanted someone to dig a garage door. So I thought about it. In the twentieth century, our views on what’s beautiful are completely corrupted. We are surrounded by magazines, TV shows, celebrities, telling us what’s hot and what’s not. But that’s how it’s always been, hasn’t it? The only thing that’s changed since Mike said this to when I heard it, is what’s being printed in the magazines. Only the content has changed, not the idea that TV producers have some insight to what’s beautiful that you don’t have.

All these magazines screaming for your attention, dying to tell you what you can do to be beautiful. Just because Kim Kardashian  says something is beautiful, doesn’t mean it is. Just like if Johnny Depp says something’s not beautiful, doesn’t mean it isn’t. I think our minds have been intoxicated, brainwashed, to believe whatever these beautiful people say. Because we know that they’re beautiful,  they must know what’s beautiful, right?

WRONG! ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT! YOU HAVE A MIND, DON’T YOU? A BRAIN? SOME SHRED OF INTELLIGENCE? USE IT! THINK FOR YOURSELF! Think for yourself. Challenge this corrupt society where Kim Kardashian is your inspiration for beauty. Challenge what is accepted as beautiful. Do you think botox it beautiful? I don’t. There, I said it. Big whoop. I don’t.

So go out into the world, be who you want to be. Say what you mean, not what society wants to hear. And try to look beyond the surface, because I’ve found on my adventures to Mars, that nothing is ever as it seems. If you stick around a while, I’ll show you some things that you might think are ugly, but I think are actually very beautiful. A new kind of beautiful. A full scoop of beautiful flavored ice-cream, instead of just a scratch on the surface.

Here’s looking at you, kid. Thanks for speaking up Mike, we need more of the truth.

Don’t forget the glitter- iamtheseventies